Energy Sector Paving Path to Better USA Immigration Policy

As a U.S. immigration lawyer, I'm excited to spread a news item I came across suggesting a positive outlook on the impact the energy sector of North America is having on international relations, and in turn, US immigration policy. 

The Dallas Morning News reported on September 30 that "energy reform in Mexico and increased oil and natural gas production in Canada and the U.S. are paving the way for deeper integration and cooperation across North America, according to a new report. If these developments are combined with stronger economic, security and community ties — especially promoting the free movement of business professionals across the region — North America could position itself as the world’s most dynamic region." (See

The report in question was issued on October 2 from a task force commissioned by the Council on Foreign Relations, chaired by Ret. General David Petraeus and Robert Zoellick of Goldman Sachs, and titled Independent Task Force Report No. 71: North America, Time for a New Focus

According to the report overview on the CFR website:

"Strengthening security through a unified continental strategy and 'continuous border innovation.' While working toward the goal of a unified security strategy for North America, the United States and Canada should support Mexican efforts to strengthen the democratic rule of law, dismantle criminal networks, contribute to the development of resilient and cohesive communities, and reduce arms smuggling and drug consumption.

'The United States should shift from border-centric security toward a strategy of combining perimeter protection with security in depth through the use of intelligence, risk assessment, shared capabilities, and joint actions throughout the region,' the report says.

Fostering a North American community through comprehensive immigration reform, workforce development, and the creation of a mobility accord to facilitate the movement of workers. The U.S. Congress should pass comprehensive immigration reforms. To better aid the movement of North American workers, the three countries should also create a North American Mobility Accord, expand visas for skilled workers, streamline recognition of professional credentials, and develop a regional educational innovation strategy.

'The Task Force strongly recommends the passage of comprehensive federal immigration reform that secures U.S. borders, prevents illegal entry, provides visas on the basis of economic need, invites talented and skilled people to settle in the United States, and offers a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants now in the United States,' the report says." (See